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In order to ensure potable water is fit for purpose, controls measures will normally be put in place to maintain quality and minimize the risk from contamination. In many cases the knowledge that these controls are in place and functional will be verified through regular testing.


Due to the nature of the offshore workplace, access to suitable onshore laboratories may be limited and with the time critical requisite for microbial testing, the onshore testing route is limited or in many cases absent completely. In order to allow for verification of controls in such circumstances, access and use of the varied type and number of on-site tests can be invaluable.


There are a number of different types and ranges of on-site microbial tests. These range from general background bacteria checks, to specific indicator species. Each test will have its own specific value but in general the ability to test waters, effectively and as soon as possible, will allow for accurate representation of the waters in place.















The picture above shows a number of test options available.


General microbial background counts


1) Generic Plate Count (Direct Count)

2) Quantidics Method ( MPN Count)

3) Dipslide Method ( Low Sensitivity Direct Count)


Specific Indicator  Species


1) Colitag (Coliform and E.coli Presence / Absence)

2) Enterolalert ( Enterococci Presence / Absence)

3) Legionella (Pneumophila 1 Presence / Absence)




For further information regarding the above, please contact our CCS team at sampling@owmgroup.com or call 01224 973770.

OWM Group - Micro Testing kit examples

Additional Equipment

As most microbial analysis require a growth stage, a simple incubator is required. The picture below shows a typical incubator along with sterile sampling methods.

Should you require any further information on options for on-site microbial testing please feel free to contact OWM.

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