Case study 2: Complete Confidence

Case study 2: Complete Confidence

How we remove water challenges and risk from our customers

Rig Reactivation

OWM offer consultation, analysis, advice, products and operational delivery to create a complete water management service with the expertise to ensure total customer confidence.  With vast experience in managing potable water systems during rig reactivation, OWM are well versed in overcoming the typical risks associated with such projects.

Project aims

The aim of a rig reactivation project is to ensure cost efficient reactivation of the drilling unit on time and on budget. However, rig reactivations are complex, extensive and at times, unpredictable. Multiple processes have to be reactivated, including the potable water system.

Industry challenges

Operational potable water management falls across many disciplines making it difficult to include all of the relevant personnel.  This often leaves the reactivation of the potable water system to non-specialists, which increases the risk of time delays and increased costs.

There have also been examples where this has resulted in the reactivation project reaching completion, with a potable water system that is not operable or fit for purpose.

Our client challenges

OWM supported a client in de-risking the potable water system during the reactivation of a jack-up drilling rig.  OWM engaged fully with the client at the earliest stage and defined all parts of the potable water process.

All associated risks were identified and appropriate actions to eliminate the risks were defined. This included reviewing all parts of the system, site procedures, pre-commissioning requirements, shipyard and client competencies and resources.  OWM also provided support on the specific operational requirements of the system, identifying and comparing pre-shutdown and post reactivation running criteria.

OWM value

From carrying out the initial in-field analysis, identifying the potential issue and implementing corrective action through to confirming effectiveness of the corrective action, the process was completed within a 72-hour period. In contrast, another site using an onshore sampling process would still not know they have an issue.

The OWM solution

What was very encouraging from this specific case was that the user felt empowered to act proactively.  This was only achieved through OWM’s in-field approach, which gave the medic the confidence, knowledge and power to act quickly enough to completely de-risk the issue.