OWM announce new collaboration with Watts

OWM announce new collaboration with Watts

OWM is excited to announce our new collaboration on Watts’ SOCLA valves as sole SOCLA Partner in Scotland.

OWM is the global authority in water management and compliance to give customers complete confidence in their water operations. Their highly specialist services include consultancy, compliance, products, training, advice and support to the Oil and Gas and Marine sectors.

The Watts and OWM teams have been working closely together to create an effective partnership, share their expertise about the Watts product ranges and identify the logistics solutions that will ensure that products are delivered quickly to customers.

The Watts range of products is world renowned for its high quality and excellent performance. This new partnership is great news for Watts’ customers as they can call on the knowledge and skills of the OWM team to ensure that their water project is delivered successfully and safely.

Neill Crone, General Manager at OWM Group, states:

OWM is a highly specialist water management and risk prevention consultancy so joining forces with a global water product manufacturing specialist ensures that our customers can call on the depth of expertise we have with fast access to high quality products that de-risk their water projects.

Kerry Harris, Sales Leader UK & Nordics, Watts Industries UK said:

OWM Group is highly respected for their water management expertise which makes them an ideal partner for us as a leading manufacturer and provider of products and solutions used in water protection. Our products are in use in projects across Scotland protecting water supplies and this new partnership will give our customers even more expertise to call upon to safely manage their water projects.

For specialist water management for your project, email watts@owmgroup.com.

Watts and OWM collaboration

OWM (Offshore Water Management Ltd) is a specialist technical consultancy, that have been delivering for over 10 years a complete range of solutions, products and services for the provision of safe drinking water to the offshore and marine industry globally. OWM’s commitment to the industry is that all those who work with us will have their standards raised to ensure that all offshore and maritime personnel are drinking safe and high-quality water and to ensure low risk, efficient, effective and optimised drinking water systems. Our holistic approach means OWM are uniquely placed to support and manage all aspects of water systems throughout the chain of custody; supply, storage, treatment and end use regardless of complexity and location.

Watts EMEA Holding B.V. is a European division of the international holding Watts Water Technologies. WATTS is a leading manufacturer and provider of products and solutions used in water protection, sanitation, HVAC, instrumentation and climatic electronic. The group is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the symbol WTS.