OWM Chemicals

OWM Chemicals

Our extensive experience of water treatment has allowed us to put together a range of chemicals to remedy the problems associated with water systems in remote and challenging environments.


Aging, corroded pipework can cause increased levels of iron contamination, leading to poor quality water and staining at outlets. Our Multitreat PS chemical is a corrosion and scale inhibtor and removes instances of “red water”. Supplied in 25L drums, it is best dosed into the water system by means of an automatic dosing unit which draws chemical directly from the storage drum and doses the correct amount into the flow of water.

Biofilm & Microbial Control

Transporting chemcials to remote environments, by sea or air can be complicated. Many chlorine based cleaners and disinfectants are classed as dangerous goods, increasing the risks associated with their transportation. Abulox Offshore Blend (AOB) was developed to be a more stable and safe to transport Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approved halogen based agent for the removal of biofilm and microbial control. Perfect for ensuring Legionella and Psuedomonas bacteria are removed from your water system.

Reverse Osmosis

RO 260 is our alkaline, EDTA based reverse osmosis membrane cleaner. Effective in the removal of organic, inorganic and iron deposits, helping to prolong the life of your membranes.


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