OWM Group appointed as Hatenboer-Waters’ first Certified Service Partner, covering the United Kingdom Continental Shelf

OWM Group appointed as Hatenboer-Waters’ first Certified Service Partner, covering the United Kingdom Continental Shelf

OWM Group will extend its product delivery, onboard installation and servicing with this formal partnership with maritime water solutions provider Hatenboer-Water.

OWM Group supports customers assets globally: on platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO’s, Oil & Gas and Renewables service vessels. Both companies have known each other for several years and feel the formal partnership is a logical step that fits neatly in the companies’ commercial strategies.

It will mean that OWM Group personnel are trained and supported by Hatenboer-Water to deliver a full-scope of services including installation in the UKCS. The Certified Service Partner scheme is part of Hatenboer-Water’s strategy to extend the scope of its partnerships and offer consistent and high quality service to shipping and offshore customers worldwide.

Neill Crone, General Manager at OWM Group, states:

I am delighted to bolster OWM’s services with this agreement. OWM and Hatenboer-Water share a commitment to ensuring everyone is drinking safe water wherever they are in remote environments this partnership enhances both our abilities to deliver. As many assets in our local market are suffering from age related degradation in their water systems, it has never been more important for us to promote best practice to our clients and this unique access to Hatenboer-Water packages ensures that we continue to deliver.

Guy Heinen, Hatenboer-Water’s Chief Commercial Officer, says:

We have been working with OWM Group in the UK for some years and always to mutual satisfaction. Obviously, there is some overlap in our activities, but the synergies exceed these by far. As the roll-out of our integrated product sales and technical support strategy accelerates, partly due to the covid pandemic, this is the perfect time to formalise our partnership with OWM Group. They are experiencing a growing customer demand for water treatment equipment and have a strong network in the Offshore and Oil and Gas markets, especially in the North Sea region. This makes our agreement a perfect fit. We look forward to continue and expand our cooperation for both our worldwide clients.

OWM (Offshore Water Management Ltd) is a specialist technical consultancy, that have been delivering for over 10 years a complete range of solutions, products and services for the provision of safe drinking water to the offshore and marine industry globally. OWM’s commitment to the industry is that all those who work with us will have their standards raised to ensure that all offshore and maritime personnel are drinking safe and high-quality water and to ensure low risk, efficient, effective and optimised drinking water systems. Our holistic approach means OWM are uniquely placed to support and manage all aspects of water systems throughout the chain of custody; supply, storage, treatment and end use regardless of complexity and location.

Hatenboer-Water has a long history in the field of water. Celebrating this year their 115 years anniversary, the privately owned organisation is an internationally renowned full-service partner in the water treatment market. The global efforts focus on safe and reliable water quality, nowadays especially with solutions to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Hatenboer-Water designs, constructs, and supplies freshwater modules for 7,000+ clients in maritime, offshore, horticulture industries as well as other land based industrial applications.