OWM People: Chris Parfree

OWM People: Chris Parfree

Meet our brilliant people as we share their opinions, knowledge and experience in our series of quick fire staff interviews. Our next interview is with Chris Parfree, Contracts Manager at OWM.

Give us some background to your experience in the Industry

My initial interest in the offshore potable water came from time served as a laboratory analyst.  Having tested thousands of water samples from offshore assets, it was incredible how poor and erratic the results were.  I joined OWM in January 2012 and within my first two months had travelled to five different continents.  As well as a great experience, it showed me early on that water management was an issue in all parts of the world and not just the North Sea.

Tell us about your role at OWM

It is my responsibility to ensure our clients are confident and happy with our services and continue to get the best water management support from OWM.  I am also focused on continual improvement so that we can keep enhancing our client offering.

How does OWM ensure complete confidence for customers in their water operations?

Our vast expertise enables us to quickly identify gaps, weaknesses and risks in a process. Not only do we identify the risks, we assist the site in eliminating or controlling these risks.  Our final step for ensuring complete client confidence is applying the OWM system, which allows the site to measure and track water process performance and react efficiently, positively and in a timely manner if required.

What challenges does OWM help its customers to overcome?

Due to water management falling within several disciplines there can often be conflicting drivers from different areas, which can create risk and weaken control.  By focusing exclusively on the process, OWM works across all disciplines and concentrates efforts into effective and efficient management plans.

How do you ensure all customer needs are accommodated?

We know that no two offshore water processes are identical, however it is almost always the case that the same risks exist and OWM is consistent in the support provided to every site.  This said, no two clients are the same, and at all times OWM works to understand the who, when, where, why and what the customer is trying to achieve.  Only by understanding each client’s specific drivers and needs can we progress our support, ensure compliance, remove risk and ultimately provide them with total confidence in their water management processes.