OWM People: Neill Crone

OWM People: Neill Crone

Meet our brilliant people as we share their opinions, knowledge and experience in our series of quick fire staff interviews. Our next interview is with Neill Crone, Commercial Manager at OWM.


Tell us about your role at OWM

As the Commercial Manager, I focus on the smooth running of our systems and processes to ensure they are creating value for the business and our clients. I have recently been developing opportunities with new clients as well as partnership agreements with key suppliers to ensure we are agile enough to react at the pace required by our customers.

How does OWM set new standards for critical and safe water operations?

We look upon water as the essential utility it is, yet the industry does not always realise the importance of their potable water until the worst happens and the cost and interruption to operations is significant. We take a forward look at the system and management to foresee issues and eliminate them before they create downtime. We are always striving to raise the importance of safe and fit-for-purpose drinking water offshore.

What do you see as the biggest risks to the industry in the near future?

The industry is facing significant challenge of aging assets. As the industry seeks to maximise the profitable recovery of reserves, there are now assets working significantly beyond their intended operational life. Unfortunately, many of the materials that were previously used during the manufacture of potable water systems were not fit for purpose, which is becoming increasingly problematic as sites age.

What are OWM doing to meet these challenges?

OWM have solutions for any site which requires new valving or pipework replacements. We have an engineering team ready to conduct these scopes with minimal downtime, and with a significant reduction in system risk.

What is your business ambition for OWM in the future?

Continuing our positive influence on the industry by making water safer with an aim to further increase the global impact of our business.