OWM’s Technical Supply team is committed to finding the most effective solution for your technical requirement.

With over 15 years of engineering experience in the offshore energy sector we have secured unique and exclusive access to premium manufacturers across the world and the products they supply.


This means that not only do we supply the product you are looking for, but we can also identify whether an alternative product may better suit your needs


Our unique industry insight means we recognise the challenges faced in water management projects; and thanks to our extensive global project and energy experience, we’re also able to quickly identify the solution.


Following a technical consultation with our experts, OWM will analyse your requirements and identify an optimised solution, while ensuring you are protected and compliant when it comes to mitigating all the risks associated with water management.



OWM are Hatenboer-Water’s Certified Service Partner for the UKCS; supplying consumables and offering consultation on their top of the range Reverse Osmosis and dosing units.


Our expert engineering team will work with you to determine your water production requirements and identify the best equipment to suit your requirements. From advising and supplying the correct unit to installation to commissioning, maintenance and servicing, OWM can assist you throughout your water management project.


One of the advantages of working with OWM is that we have Hatenboer-Water stocked items on-site, removing the need to import products from The Netherlands, reducing labour, lead times and carriage charges.

Supply Categories

Filtration Systems & Consumables

Filtration Systems are the most integral component in potable water management, which is why we have developed a full-cycle supply system, ensuring the right components are sourced for any requirements.


As part of our full-cycle supply commitment, we’re on hand to support you with maintaining your Reverse Osmosis units and UV systems. We stock a wide range of the most frequently requested filters, such as Spun Polypropylene and Activated Carbon elements, on-site to reduce your waiting times and ensure operational efficiency. For more bespoke parts, we work with our partners to ensure you get the best components, including replacement bulbs, sleeves and seals to keep your system functioning without issue.


With over 15 years of first-hand experience in the energy industry, we recognise the challenges faced in water management projects, including the significant distances between production and storage of your potable water supply. This increases the risk of thermal gain, bacterial growth, and contamination which in most instances is remedied by chlorinating the water supply – making it unpalatable. A purpose-built drinking station removes chlorine, the presence of metals and excessive minerals, providing your team with the freshest and safest water on tap.

Pumps & Dosing Systems

At OWM, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading pump experts and suppliers, enabling us to service any pump requirement. From dosing systems and booster sets to bespoke solutions for remote environments where space is limited, we can help you find the most effective solution while ensuring it’s as simple and compact as possible.

Dosing Units

Our in-house engineering team has developed bespoke dosing units for potable water dosing which are easy to install, compact, efficient and require little maintenance.


Manual dosing is often inaccurate which risks introducing tank contamination and the dangers associated with chemical handling in already hazardous environments. By automating the process, the risks are greatly reduced, and your team can use their time more efficiently.


OWM work with manufacturers across the globe to supply the best quality equipment and can help you to source dosing unit requirements to suit any need.

Backflow Protection

In any water system, it is essential to manage the risks associated with a system with a high number of outlets, and utilising Backflow Protection is the best way to do this. Thanks to our industry partnerships, we can supply industry leading RPZ valves for your Backflow Protection needs.


In addition to supply, our experienced team of technicians can install, service and certify new and existing RPZ Valves – contact

Pipework, Fittings and Valves

Our global partnerships enable us to supply pipework, fittings and valves to ensure the best fit and operation for your system, while providing longevity, stability and reduced maintenance to its infrastructure. Ranging from simple PVC fittings to custom fit and specialist stainless steel and brass, our experts can identify and supply the parts best suited to your system. We also work closely with our partners to supply calibration and materials certification where required.

Hydrophores and Calorifiers

Having the correct storage available for your potable water is integral to ensuring the safety of the supply. A satisfactory supply is achieved by guaranteeing a minimum pressure, aided by having a hydrophore present in your system.


Maintaining your hot water supply at a safe temperature range important for not only reducing the risk of bacterial growth, but also reducing the risk of burns or scalds at outlets. OWM can supply calorifiers in their entirety; whether they’re a new addition to a system or to replace an existing unit. We can also supply all of the necessary spares to ensure your equipment is running at peak performance, reducing downtime due to failure or excessive maintenance.

Specialist Chemicals

With a variety of chemicals in-stock at our warehouse available for immediate dispatch we can reduce, what can often be, extended lead times associated with the supply of specialist chemicals. We deal with a wide range of chemicals for water treatment including those used in the production of water by reverse osmosis.


Our technical expertise often means we can identify areas of inefficiency and reduce the number of chemicals being used.


The storage of water comes with many associated risks – key to keeping these to a minimum is ensuring that any storage tanks are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Using the correct chemicals can reduce labour and downtime of the potable water system and mean that the scope can be carried out safely and efficiently.


For more information of OWM’s tank cleaning service contact

Reverse Osmosis

In remote environments it can be challenging to ensure a faultless supply of safe, potable water.


Reverse Osmosis Units allow assets to produce their own potable water from a sea-water supply; removing the need for water to be shipped from shoreside where contamination risks can be introduced. OWM can specify a reverse osmosis unit to suit your water demand and assist with the supply of consumables, including filters and media and advise of any maintenance required for the life of the unit.

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