OWM is the global authority in water management and compliance, de-risking your water.  Our highly specialist services include consultancy, compliance, products, training, advice and support to the Oil and Gas and Marine sectors.


With over 20 years of global industry experience and uniquely positioned expertise and specialist knowledge in all aspects of water management, OWM is a highly specialist, water management and risk-prevention consultancy.



We are OWM: The global authority in water management and compliance, de-risking your water

Customer portal


Our client portal is the home for our customers to access bespoke, actionable water management reports and data from OWM – We remove water management challenges and risk from our clients, giving them complete confidence in their water operations.


We gather customer data from their site, rig or vessel and our technical team analyses and creates a full summary report with comments and corrective actions. Our software and insightful analysis ensures clear, useful and practical reporting and corrective action that our customers can access whenever and wherever they are in the world.


Furthermore, due to OWMs unique monitoring programme, most harmful bacteria can be tested and detected on board, allowing for fast corrective action. Additionally, the problems associated with sending samples ashore are eliminated.

What our customers say