Hot Water Calorifiers

Hot Water Calorifiers

Safe Hot Water

Integral to ensuring saftey of water supply is maintaining a safe hot water temperature at all outlets. Hot water calorifiers are designed to guarantee that the flow of hot water is kept at such a level as to prevent growth of bacteria such as Legionella but keep the risk of burns to a minimum. A recirculation system can be incorporated into the calorifier arrangment – further protecting your hot-water system against bacterial growth.

Cathodic Protection

Sacrificial anodes are a simple way of extending the lifespan of your calorifiers. The anode, usually made of Zinc or Aluminium, protects the steel body of the unit by providing a surface which corrodes more readily than the body of the vessel itself.

Industry Standards

Calorifiers can be supplied with a variety of certifications such as GL, DNV, LR and ABS.

Expert Install & Maintenance

Beyond the supply of calorifiers, our dynamic team of engineers can install and comission new units and inspect and disinfect existing units.

Product Ranges

Hatenboer-Water – Stainless Steel Lining 30-1000 litres

Hatenboer-Water Copper Lining – 1000 – 3000 litres

OSO Hotwater – Triton Marine Range – 500 – 3000 litres

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