Filtration Systems for any Environment

Safe Water Supply

A suitable water filtration system is crucial to ensuring the supply of a safe and palatable potable water supply for your crew – regardless of the operating environment.

Bespoke Systems

Filtration requirements vary from site to site and can be determined by the quality of water available at your location, whether produced or bunkered and the conditon of your water system. Bespoke systems can be compiled to combat issues at point-of-use such as poor taste and odour due to water treatment chemicals or iron contamination, which can cause discolouration of supply and staining at outlets.

Pre-UV Disinfection

Where Ultra-violet disinfection systems are installed, pre-filtration is often required to remove particulates and sediment, ensuring the UV system can operate as efficiently as possible.

Pre-Water Maker

Where a sea-water supply is used for the production of fresh water, filtration before Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems provides vital protection against any chemicals which may have been used to treat the sea-water before it reaches the RO, such as Sodium Hypochlorite.




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