Specialist Chemicals

Fast Access

We stock a wide variety of specialist chemicals to ensure our clients have fast and easy access to crucial supplies whenever they need them.

Water Treatment

Our stock covers everything from disinfection of bunkered or produced water to corrosion prevention for assets with aging distribution systems.

Cleaning and Preservation

Proper cleaning of water systems is vital to their efficient operation – we can supply acid and alkali membrane cleaners and conservation treatment to maximise the lifespan of reverse osmosis membranes.

Media and Compounds

Regulary replenishing any filter media or compunds you may have within your system for pH correction or softening helps ensure your produced water is of the highest possible quality for your crew. Our technical supply team are on hand to help specify the correct media, gravel, ion-exchange resins or compounds for your system.



Discover OWM’s specialist services to effectively manage the risk in your water operations.



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