Hatenboer-Water’s biodegradable HDC-ASI-ECO antiscalant chemical is based on biopolymers. A perfect ro antiscalant chemical, for use in reverse osmosis membrane systems.

An eco-friendly antiscalant chemical product

Our HDC-ASI-ECO antiscalant is an all-organic antiscalant water treatment chemical based on biodegradable compounds. This RO antiscalant chemical disperses inorganic deposits in order to guarantee the optimal flow of water in your water supply system.

Applicable regulations and classifications

After thorough OECD-testing, our HDC-ASI-ECO antiscalant water treatment chemicals have been classified as being inherently biodegradable (20-60%). The ro antiscalant chemical conforms to the NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water supplies, in the categories Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals / Health Effects.


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