GF Piping Systems is a worldwide leader in durable and low-maintenance plastic piping systems. Their expertise lies in facilitating the efficient implementation of critical customer applications with increased speed, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Plastic piping systems offer maintenance-free solutions that are lightweight and exceptionally resilient. These systems contribute to reducing repair expenses and overall costs, while also being suitable for transporting various substances such as drinking water, abrasive and corrosive liquids, and gas.

+GF+ Instaflex

Engineered to satisfy the most stringent demands of a wide range of building technology applications, the INSTAFLEX plastic pipeline system excels in both distribution and extraction capabilities. Specifically developed for these purposes, the use of polybutene material provides a multitude of advantages, including reduced expansion force, lightweight construction, space-efficient installation, ease of handling, and exceptional operational hygiene.

The INSTAFLEX system utilizes polybutene, which is the perfect material for drinking water installations and has been specifically designed for building technology applications.

Among all full plastic systems, polybutene exhibits the lowest rate of thermal expansion. This unique property enables the material to absorb expansion internally, eliminating the need for expansion components or joints. Additionally, it allows for the use of readily available fasteners and fixtures. As a result, installations remain visually clean and appealing, even in tight spaces.


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