Hadex® Dosing Unit

Hadex® Dosing Unit

Chlorinating Hadex® Dosing Units (HDU)

Secure your drinking water system with a fully automatic flow controlled Hadex® Dosing Unit. Our Hadex® disinfection treatment reduces and prevents the growth of bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms. As with any disinfectant, the correct dosage is essential for proper functioning.

Hadex® automatic dosing units are available for 10 and 25 litre Hadex® cans. The units are proportionally controlled by pulse generating flow meters. All dosing units can be customised according to your own specifications. A major advantage of our HDU is its standard packing, which is designed to be used as a dosing container. Making it safer and easy to use.


For larger flows, especially in bunker systems electromagnetic flow meters are available too. These meters have no moving parts.

The dosing units can also be controlled on base of free chlorine concentration. For this an inline chlorine measurement unit is integrated. Contact our Technical Supply Team for information on a possible configuration for your system.

Hadex® dosing units are commonly used at three points in the fresh water system:

  1. In the water maker product line
  2. In the fresh water bunker line
  3. After the hydrophore pumps (for re-chlorination of the distribution system)


Part number Size Flowmeter Capacity nominal Capacity Maximal
(inch / mm) (Qn m3 / hour @ ΔP 0,25 bar) (Qmax m3 / hour @ ΔP)
HDU25-1601-25C 1” 3,5 5
HDU25-1601-30C 11/4” 5 10
HDU25-1601-40C 11/2” 10 15
HDU25-1604-40C 2” 15 30
HDU25-1605-65C DN65 25 50

Why use our HDU

  • Easy to install
  • Compact installation
  • Flow controlled dosing units
  • Reliable, efficient and continuous chlorination
  • Hadex® complies with many regulations


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