Water, essential for all life

The importance of water to life is self-evident. However, water is also one
of the major sources of infection, and the cause of many forms of illness.
Bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms can grow extremely quickly in
water and just like food, water deteriorates.
The safety of drinking water aboard ships and rigs cannot be taken for
granted. Drinking water treated with Hadex® remains fit for consumption.

Safe drinking water

Hadex® keeps the drinking water in good condition. It is food grade
and is approved as a continuous disinfectant in drinking water. Hadex®
prevents water wastage and saves time, as against other disinfecting
agents that are harmful, dangerous and/or difficult to dose.
Because of the overall action of Hadex® in water it also disinfects the
tanks, pipelines and all water fed equipment. It keeps your crew healthy.


Hadex® is ready for immediate use as delivered. Because it is a very
pure, stable and safe product, it facilitates swift and accurate dosing. As
it is a liquid product that mixes quickly and easily with water, it can be
added simply to the water through the filling pipe or through the tank
opening. Hadex® starts disinfecting immediately, and the water is ready
for consumption after a short period of only 30 minutes when applying
the normal dosing.

Standard dosages

There are three standard dosages for drinking water treatment in most
situations. They all meet the standards laid down by international
maritime authorities.
1. The normal dosage
1 liter Hadex® : 50,000 liters of drinking water; intended for the
treatment of water that is clear and of a normal quality.
2. Extra dosage
1 liter Hadex® : 25,000 liters of drinking water; intended for the
treatment of water that is of inferior or doubtful quality.
3. High dosage (shock treatment)
1 liter Hadex® : 5,000 liters of drinking water; intended to be used
under epidemic conditions and/or when it is suspected that the water
might be infected. High dosage should also be applied as an initial
treatment for the disinfection of tanks and pipelines after repairs or

Automatic dosing units

A range of automatic Hadex® dosing units is available. The standard
Hadex® dosing units are proportional controlled, by use of pulse
generating flow meters. For larger flows, especially in bunker systems
electromagnetic flow meters are also available.
All dosing units can be supplied to meet your own specifications. A major
advantage of the Hatenboer-Water dosing units is that the standard
packing is designed to be as a dosing container. Therefore safer and
easy to use. You can find more information about Hadex® Dosing Units here


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