Taking the hassle out of Potable Water Monitoring

Taking the hassle out of Potable Water Monitoring

As the global authority for fully integrated water management services to the Oil and Gas and Marine sectors, we often find that our customers simply want a hassle-free way to ensure potable water compliance.


It is a requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) that: “Employers are required to keep suitable records of examinations tests and repairs of control measures.”

It is therefore crucial to be able to show that the controls are in place to prevent any form of potential bacterial growth or other forms of contamination. This is important for both compliance with HSE regulations and prospective clients, to ensure all offshore vessels and offshore assets are safe and free from any risk.

Most logbooks tend to be managed haphazardly in physical folders or using poorly designed web software. As the go-to partner for the prevention and mitigation of water-related risk, OWM has developed a fully interactive potable water management database system designed specifically for the offshore & marine industries.

This specialist software enables all tests to be conducted and managed easily, simply and effectively. Monitoring data collected from the site-specific monitoring program is inserted into OWM’s unique trending software and a member of our technical team will analyse the data at regular intervals and supply you with full summary reports, including comments and corrective actions for you to take.

Furthermore, due to OWM’s unique monitoring program, most harmful bacteria can be tested and detected on board, therefore allowing fast corrective action. Additionally, the common problems associated with sending samples ashore are eliminated. If your monitoring process requires updating, or you are unsure which tests are required to ensure you are fully compliant with local regulations, then get in touch today!