A breakthrough in water bio-security and recycling. Klarolaks is the most efficient, stable and safest oxidising biocide. It requires no on-site generation and stays in the liquid phase, even after dilution, delivering highly concentrated, stable, efficient Chlorine Dioxide.

Reduced Chemical Use


Klarolaks is proven to be up to 90% more powerful than other water treatments such as Chlorine. This results in less chemical use, better results, and less pollution.

Reduced Pollution


Klarolaks is unique in delivering stable Chlorine Dioxide in a safe and stable liquid format; resulting in the highest levels of water quality, with minimal environmental impact.

Reduced System Maintenance and Downtime


Klarolaks is non-corrosive and will deliver improved performance without the need for costly ongoing repair and maintenance.

Expert Advice


Contact our technical supply team today to find out how your assets could benefit from using Klarolaks to protect their water systems

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