Offshore Water Management Ltd (OWM) is a consultancy and services company delivering solutions to the wide range of areas surrounding the provision of safe drinking water to the offshore industry.

Dealing exclusively within the marine and oil and gas industry, we understand the unique position our clients have in fulfilling their statutory requirements, and ensure that this is achieved in an efficient and effective manner.


Covering design, supply, installation, management and maintenance, a fully holistic approach to water management is the only sure way of avoiding unnecessary delays, disruption, shutdowns or regulatory and client pressures.

In order to provide

effective and efficient

client compliance and

minimise disruption

to operations, Offshore

Water Management

Ltd strives to deliver

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to all of our clients.

Russell Caldwell

Managing Director.

Latest News

  • "Should you drink the water offshore"

    Russell Caldwell, Head Consultant at Offshore Water Management, describes six elements that are integral to an affective water management programme.

    When at home, whether taking a shower or simply making a cup of tea the majority of people don’t give it a second thought. People take it for granted that the water they are using is safe. Is this same confidence displayed in the offshore workplaces? Is the water safe on your asset?


    All employers, including those offshore, should be well aware of their duties regarding the welfare of their employees. Although different regions may have different customs and practices, when it comes to water there are two global rules: firstly employers must provide water fit for purpose and secondly they must be able to demonstrate this. Sounds simple but how many of us are confident that this is actually the case. Most of us will be aware of times where water quality has caused problems offshore. From a bad taste or smell to actual contamination, the interruption to operations can be significant. Emergency measures, quarantining tanks and de-manning personnel are all scenarios that have come about from poor water management. Not forgetting the real health and safety risks that can rise from poor quality water. A recent offshore Legionnaires disease case should reminds us all that water quality should not be taken lightly.


    It’s not all doom and gloom though. Serious problems are scarce and most offshore locations will have some measures of control in place. A site may incorporate a UV unit onboard, carry out a temperature control regime or perhaps use one of the many chemical disinfection techniques available. With the use of such controls, companies go a long way to achieving safe water. However it is not the complete story. Treatment control on its own is no guarantee of good water. In order to “demonstrate a sites water is fit for purpose” a satisfactory water management programme will have to be put in place. Although differing from site to site an affective water management programme will include, in some shape or form, the six elements described below.


    For your free copy of the complete article please email


  • BS 8580 2010 “Water quality- Guide to risk assessments for

    Legionella Control”

    BS 8580 gives recommendations and guidance on the assessment of the risk of legionellosis presented by artificial water systems. It applies to any undertaking involving a work activity or premises controlled in connection with a trade, business or other undertaking where water is used or stored in circumstances that could cause a reasonably foreseeable risk of exposure to legionellae and contracting legionellosis.


    The standard applies to risk assessments being undertaken on premises, plant and systems for the first time, and to review and audit where a previous assessment has been undertaken and where control measures might have been implemented.


    The document is available to purchase from the BSI website: If you require further guidance on BS 8580 contact a member of our team today.


  • Health & Safety Executive and OWM deliver joint presentation

    to the Step Change in Safety and Marine Safety Forum "Health and Safety at the Vessel – Installation Interface" on 15th September, 2010

    Offshore Water Management’s Managing Director Russell Caldwell was asked to join with the Health & Safety Executive to deliver a presentation to the recent Joint Seminar between Step Change in Safety and the Marine Safety Forum. The topic discussed was the drinking water supply chain with specific regard to the chain of custody from shore side to the offshore assets. The main objective was to identify and redefine the problem areas and get cross industry agreement and approval on how to manage these issues.


    Step Change in Safety and the Marine Safety Forum Joint Seminar


  • OWM Supports the Offshore Industry after recent closure of

    NHS testing facilities

    After the closure of the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Public Health Laboratory Testing Facilities, Offshore Water Management Ltd established access to alternative UKAS accredited testing houses. Managing Director Russell Caldwell stated, “as well as insuring that the offshore sector continues to have a choice of service providers within the area of testing this has also opened up a number of additional UKAS accredited tests previously not available within the local area.”


    To date OWM have facilitated and processed over 5000 tests for our offshore clients.

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