Grundfos, a leading manufacturer, excels in designing and engineering highly efficient and energy-saving pump solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Their commitment to sustainability and environmental concerns has positioned them as pioneers in introducing energy labeling for pumps. Consequently, many Grundfos pumps have received A ratings and comply with European EuP regulations. Whether you are located in the UK or beyond, you can trust that Grundfos pumps offered by Anchor Pumps minimize energy consumption while delivering the promised results.

Built to be durable and resilient, Grundfos pumps feature high-grade stainless steel construction, ensuring resistance to corrosion and longevity even under demanding usage conditions. This exceptional performance extends to every Grundfos product available at Anchor Pumps, including home boosters, liquid circulators, waste water pumps, and drainage pumps. Not only are these pumps easy to maintain, but they are also designed for straightforward installation.

Grundfos pumps are engineered for effortless operation, with many models featuring intelligent technologies such as the ALPHA and MAGNA 1 liquid circulators. These pumps incorporate a user-friendly interface with clear push-buttons and include an autoadapt feature for continuous optimization. Additionally, they offer the advantage of low noise levels.

Grundfos® – In-line Multi-stage pumps – CR, CRE, CRI, CRIE, CRN, CRNE, CRT, CRTE

Vertical, multistage centrifugal pump with suction and discharge ports on the same level.

Grundfos® – In-line Single Stage Pumps – TP TPE

Grundfos TP, TPE pumps are single-stage, close-coupled in-line centrifugal pumps with mechanical shaft seal and for applications such as heating/cooling/district energy/hot water recirculation. The pumps are with either fixed speed motors (TP/TPD) or speed controlled motors (TPE/TPED/TPE2/TPE2 D/TPE3/TPE3 D).


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