Reduced Pressure Zone Valves (RPZ)

Reduced Pressure Zone Valves (RPZ)

Any equipment or water treatment systems can present a risk to the entirety of the water system they are connected to. Backflow protection is crucial to removing the risk of contamination from potentially harmful substances.

Complete Protection

Reduced Pressure Zone Valves (RPZ) are a vital component of your water system to protect your workforce from potenital contamination caused by backflow from any equipment connected to the system which may contain Category 4 fluids. OWM can provide a full-cycle service from specification of the approprate RPZ valves to annual maintenance and recertification by our Certified RPZ Testing Technicians. As a Watts Authorised Distributor OWM have access to the Socla range of BA4760 and BA BM range of backflow preventer devices.

As SNIPEF Members, you can find our RPZ Valve Testers on the WaterSafe list of Approved Contractors

Popular RPZ Valves


  • BA4760
    • DN 65 – 250
    • PN 10
    • WRAS Approved


  •  BA-BM
    • DN 15-50
    • PN 10
    • DVGW Approved
    • Available as standalone valve or complete assembly

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