Filter Elements

Filter Elements

Filter elements can be selected to remove a range of contaminants both physical and pathogenic. Each filter type is optimised to remove a particular contaminant or type of contaminants.

Surface Filtration

The SPECTRUM Premier series comprises pleated filters designed to meet specific requirements in various applications, including safeguarding against Cryptosporidium, controlling bacteria, achieving precise particle elimination, and enabling sterile filtration. SPECTRUM Premier Pleat are manufactured using WRAS and FDA approved materials with micron ratings from 0.1 to 100µ and efficiencies from 80% to 97%.

Depth Filtration

Depth filtration, as its name implies, involves filtering substances through a medium’s depth to efficiently capture and retain different particles. Widely used in diverse applications, depth filtration is typically utilized as the initial stage in a filtration sequence. However, advancements in manufacturing techniques have significantly enhanced this filtration method, ensuring consistent and precise improvements in downstream filtration. Available in nominal (60-95%) and absolute (99.9%+) particulate removal efficiency.

Within the SPECTRUM product line, there are various options for depth filters. These include traditional “string wound” choices, suitable for high temperatures and chemical compatibility. Additionally, there are modern spun bonded cartridges that offer superior filtration efficiency and enhanced accuracy in capturing particulate matter.

Membrane Filtration Systems

A highly efficient way of treating source water is the use of membrane filtration water treatment. Energy efficient and durable, membranes filter the maximum amount of salt out of any kind of source water.

Carbon Cartridges

Activated carbon serves as a multifunctional tool with key roles in eliminating chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorinated hydrocarbons, and organic contaminants. Additionally, it acts as a mechanical filter, effectively reducing particulate matter due to its cartridge design.

While activated carbon is employed for a wide range of customized purposes, it finds extensive use in standard applications. As the understanding of its adsorption capabilities and capacities continues to expand, the utilization of activated carbon is steadily growing.

Bag Filtration

Bag filters are offered in three media formats that comply with FDA regulations. Among these, polypropylene felt is suitable for the majority of applications. Polyester felt should be chosen when solvent compatibility and high temperatures are necessary. For coarser filtration needs, washable and reusable mesh options are available ranging from 50 to 1000 microns. Additionally, special orders can be placed for double-layer polyester and polypropylene extended life, nylon multi-filament, Teflon, and oil-removal media.

While cartridge filtration can provide more precise outcomes, proper specification of bag filtration can deliver superior, efficient, and cost-effective performance. Compared to cartridge filtration housings of similar capacity, bag filtration offers significant savings in both initial investment and ongoing consumable expenses.

Popular Filter Products


  • EBPP-200-1 : SPECTRUM Economic Bag Polypropylene 200µm Size 1 Polypropylene Premier Neck
  • EBPP-100-1 : SPECTRUM Economic Bag Polypropylene 100µm Size 1 Polypropylene Premier Neck
  • AMS-5-93/4LD : SPECTRUM TruDepth Antimicrobial Silver Impregnated Spun Polypropylene 5µm 93/4″ LD
  • RFFE10-BB : PENTAIR Iron Reduction Filter 10″ for Big Blue
  • CFB-PLUS10BB : PENTAIR Fibredyne BB Carbon Block 5µm 93/4″
  • SWC5-MAX -Hydranautics Sea Water Membrane 8″ X 40″ 440 sqft 1500 lph
  • SWC5-LD-4040 –  Hydranautics Sea Water Membrane 4″ X 40″ 85 sqft 350 lph

  • Filter element HWMB20005BB Big Blue Material: Melt blown polypropylene, Length: 20″, Filtration grade : 5 micron, Connections: DOE
  • Filter element HWMB20020BB Big Blue Material: Melt blown polypropylene, Length: 20″, Filtration grade: 20 micron, Connections: DOE, Dia : 116 mm (Big Blue)
  • Hatenboer Water activated carbon filter element – model HAC24870, 10″ 5 micron, DOE
  • Filter element HWMB20005 Material: Melt blown polypropylene. Length: 20″. Filtration grade: 5 micron. Connections: DOE.
  • Filter element HWMB20020 Material : Melt blown polypropylene Length : 20″ Filtration grade : 20 micron Connections : DOE
Product Ranges

SPECTRUM TruDepth Series

SPECTRUM TruDepth Antimicrobial Spun

SPECTRUM 870 Carbon Block Series

SPECTRUM – Premier Pleat Polypropylene

Pentair – Pentek EP Carbon Series

SPECTRUM – Bag Filters

Pentair – RFFE Iron Reduction Resin Filters

Hatenboer-Water – Activated Carbon Block Filters

Hatenboer-Water – Melt Blown Polypropylene

Hatenboer-Water – Membrane Filtration Systems

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