Filter Housings

Filter Housings

Filter housing requirements are determined by the type of filtration required – this means there is an extensive range of options. Our Technical Supply team can help you determine what type of filtration you require and find the best housing solution.


Point of use filtration systems ordinarily contain a depth or sediment filter element and an activated carbon filter element of 10 inch length to ensure they are compact enough to fit either under a sink or within a dedicated drinking water station.

High Flow Rate

Where high flow rate is needed – SPECTRUM Inox Standard and Premier Multi-round Stainless Steel filter housings can be specified to suit with flow rates ranging from 80 to 700 litres per minute (lpm). Supplied with DN flanged connections for ease of installation and pressure gauges for complete assurance of optimal operation.

Product Ranges


SPECTRUM Inox Standard

Pentair High Temperature

Pentair 10″ FIlter Housings

Pentair Big Blue Filter Housings

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